class screens.screen.Screen1D(normal, p=<Quantity 0. AU>, v=<Quantity 0. km / s>, magnification=1.0, source=None, distance=None)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: Screen

One-dimensional screen.

The assumption is that all scattering points are on lines, which represent places where light can be bent perpendicular to the line, such that it reaches the observer. The positions of the scattering ponts along the lines then depends on where the source and detector are.


Unit vector towards the line. Should not include a z component, i.e., be perpendicular to both the line and the z axis.


Separations of the lines from the origin, along the normal.


Velocities of the lines along the normal.


Magnification of scattering points for the lines. Can be complex.

sourceSource or Screen, optional

Possible source illuminating this screen. Unless specific broadcasting is required, it is recommended to use the Screen.observe method.

distanceQuantity, optional

Possible distance from the source. Only useful if source is given.